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Your Ultimate Moving Checklist

Unless you're moving from apartment to apartment every year, the odds are that you are not totally sure of what to expect when planning for your next move. Not only is "what to do" but "when to do it" comes to mind when moving. Moving can feel a bit overwhelming, which is why we put together the ultimate checklist to help you be prepared for moving your home with success. Totable is here to make your move pain-free. By following this checklist prior to your move, you will be as prepared as possible for a stress-free moving day. Download the pdf version here. 3-4 WEEKS PRIOR TO MOVE Book a moving company! Book online at or call us at 1.800.484.0289. Make an inventory of everything

Money saving tips to make your next move a breeze.

Moving can be an easier venture if you approach it in a systematic and organized way. There are so many things you have to take into account when you move, with the priority that you move your things safely and quickly. You must also make a budget so that your expenses remain under control. You can consult family and friends who have done this before and they will certainly be able to relate their experiences and offer you some useful tips. But to get the best service, it is best to go online or get in touch with a moving company. Moving is a challenge, and moving companies have the tools and muscle needed to minimize your stress. Read on to learn money-saving moving tips that will come in h

How To Pack For A Move - Like A Pro

Packing is definitely one of the areas that doesn't get its fair share of attention when moving. With so many different things to do in order to get prepared for moving day, it's no wonder packing typically gets pushed to the last minute. With that said, packing is the single most critical activity to keep items safe during a move, which is why we thought it best to provide some tips to those do it yourselfers looking to save some cash by tackling a pack job. Packing yourself is undoubtedly a great way to save - as long as it's done right. This article will cover several tips on the hows and whys to effectively packing for success on moving day. What materials will be needed to pack properly

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