Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of living for every person, business, and community, by connecting all with reliable moving services, in an innovative way. Our services will be seamless, reliable, and affordable. Totable will embrace the power of people and technology to provide unrivaled access to quality moving services, so everyone in cities big and small, can experience a better quality of life.

About Us

Building a Better Moving Experience

Totable Moving was created in Raleigh, NC in 2016, when an all too relatable situation occurred with our Founder, as it does with thousands of Raleighites everyday. This predicament was spending too much time, effort, and money attempting to book and carry out a move with traditional moving companies. We got to work re-engineering the end-to-end process with one thing in mind - how do we create a better experience for people in need of moving services?


With our goal front and center, we brought the strength of people together with the simplicity that comes from a technology enabled platform, and that combination allows us to deliver better moving experiences. Nowadays, we consider Totable to be the modern alternative to traditional movers. Our focus is to continue to invest in areas where we can make lives better in the communities we serve.

Why Choose Totable

While your last move was likely a challenge, your next doesn't have to be. With Totable, gone are the days of:


  1. Surfing the web for hours to find reliable help.

  2. Paying unreasonable prices for moving services.

  3. Spending hours coordinating a move.

  4. Spending hours laboring through a move.


Through the Totable Platform, we connect individuals and businesses with reliable movers, in a few simple clicks. Spend your time enjoying life, we'll handle your heavy work!

While your last move was likely a challenge, your next doesn't have to be.
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