An opportunity exists when moving in 2017.

It is no surprise that we live in an age of innovation. Smart cars, smart phones, and even smart water are only a few products that aim and usually do make our lives better. While there are varying degrees of impact, these solutions are ultimately changing the way we live. From cars parking themselves, to innovative software, to streaming media we live in a time of amazing convenience. Want food? There’s an app for that. Want a ride? There’s an app (or 100) for that. Want to listen to music? No, you don’t need to choose from that collection of cd’s or cassettes. Simply stream the music right from your phone to any blue tooth connected audit device. You catch my drift…This is a truly an impressive era that we live in, where innovation has created a level of convenience that has ultimately brought simplicity to the lives of millions upon millions of individuals across the world. In this post I want to talk about a less sexy topic, which has really failed to innovate over the last…well ever. Let’s talk about moving.

Did your mood change? Personally, I know mine did. If you’re like me, just the thought of moving brings on a feeling of dread. Memories from “this shouldn’t be too bad” all the way to “this flat-out sucks” come to mind when thinking of past experiences. While the thought of moving should be an exciting time, there’s no way to sugar coat the fact that the process of planning and physically moving stuff sucks at the worst and is hard work at the least. Most who opt to outsource the job proceed to spend hours to days researching or planning, with options going from do it yourself truck rentals all the way to full service moving companies. A couple more questions come to mind. Why do folks not have less invasive options to get bulky items delivered or hauled away? How is the lack of innovation in the moving industry possible in a time where innovation simplifies our lives?

For those who don’t mind moving, I truly admire a solid do it yourself attitude. For others, who either can’t DIY the job for reasons all the way from not having friends available to assist in a timely fashion to those who just find that their time should be spent enjoying life, I get it. I’ve spent the last year considering how a more efficient, reliable, and lifestyle supportive way to make moving better would add value to people’s lives.

To add my disclaimer, future posts will focus more on adding value to the lives of the good people who support our startup, but I’d be remiss not to first acknowledge the important reason Totable exists, which is to provide a solution for those looking for a reliable yet simple option to move household goods. Please let us know any ideas or thoughts you have on how to solve your moving or delivery needs, and stay tuned as we ramp up our value-add content in the coming weeks.

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