Moving day is coming. What now?

You have patiently analyzed the benefits of hiring a mover against doing it yourself, and you have decided to go for a professional mover to take care of your house move for you. The hassles of moving stuff yourself can be demanding. Even the thought of persuading friends and family to help out can be daunting, so you give it a shot (hiring a mover) since you truly want to have a seamless experience. Smart, now what’s next?

With moving day just by the corner, you might be thinking of what exactly to do when the movers arrive. The questions below should never be swept under the carpet, especially now that professionals will be handling your residential move.

The following questions are pertinent:

  • Is there anything I should do before the arrival of the movers?

  • Can I offer to help movers? And if yes, how do I go about it?

  • Should I just stand and watch them do what they know how to do best?

You’re not alone if these questions are on your mind before the arrival of the movers, especially if this is your first-time experience using a moving company. Therefore, read on to learn what you can do when they finally arrive.

Be prepared for your movers

Firstly, you want to be prepared before worrying about what to do while movers are packing your stuff. Here are the things that need to be done to prepare for the professional movers and packers:

  • Pack only items that are worth extra caution

Make sure you inventory any sensitive or high worth items in your home long before the movers arrive. Examples typically range from rare coins all the way to antique furniture. Be aware of these items and be sure to check terms to see if your mover handles these items, as some items are off limits even to professional movers. To cut moving expenses and save ample time and money in the long run, discard unwanted things.

Defrost and clean up your fridge

There’s no way this can be done on the moving day because it takes up to 8 hours, even if you choose to do it after the move. This should be done days before the movers arrive, that way, you’re lessening the tasks to be done come moving day.

Packing of essential boxes

Pack essential boxes and mark them to know what is in each. This would help you a great deal when unpacking at your new location since they’re so many items to get confused when boxes are piled up.

Just before the movers get to work packing your belongings and putting them into the moving truck, there are a couple of very important things that should be done to guarantee an effective packing job. Heartily welcome your movers. Walk the movers around your home and tell them what needs to be packed and loaded into the van. This will give them a pretty good idea of what their expectation should be from the in-home visual inspection, they carried out before they issued you with price quotes. Provide full and accurate information without holding back on any critical details.

Know that your movers are not super humans although most are very strong; really they’re ordinary people like you and me. They do get thirsty and hungry from time to time as the day wears on, and weather doesn’t always cooperate. You can offer refreshments to your hired workers—non-alcoholic drinks, bottle of water, including tea and coffee to keep them hydrated. You can also decide to offer them some snacks, sandwiches or better still, order some lunch if you’re wanting to be a most gracious host!

Help your movers to cut your move time

Movers have already started their work and they don’t need your supervision to get it done the right way; they already know what to do, but they may need you to answer some questions from time to time. Again, you’ll likely be required to review and sign some papers as they progress with the job including a bill of lading listing the inventory of items being moved, insurance coverage, & contact information.

Reducing move time by even one hour can save up to one hundred dollars, or sometimes more. If you truly want to reduce move time and save cash in the process, then packing the stuff that is easy to pack in your home should be a consideration—shoes, books, and clothes. When you do this, the packers will have less time packing and it this will net you savings.

Additionally, bring down pictures, photo, portraits or any other frame pieces from your walls. Also, make sure that wall clocks are removed, including mirrors or other elements that are decorative and hanging on the walls of your home. It’s those little things in the house that will eventually add up and save precious time in the long run.

Get your bedding ready by folding it and also bare your mattress. Save time by placing pillows, blankets and sheets in one place. Ensure you disconnect and unplug all electronic devices, electric appliances and lamps. To save organizing time when you get to your new home, take photos of the way the electronics are wired up for easy installation in your new home.

Put aside the things that you don’t want them to pack, particularly items you wish to take with you outside of items carried by movers.

Create a no-pack zone

Choose a portion or a room that you can barricade off in which you can place all the things traveling with you. Ensure the space is clearly marked Do Not Pack and alert the movers you need to take them with you. Never forget to include things like cleaning supplies since it will be needed for cleaning the house the moment it’s empty. For items staying in the house, stash them in this area, which might include warranties for appliances, instruction manuals, keys, etc. Issue out specific instructions to your kids that whatever is taken out from the space must be returned.

Empty the dishwasher

Leave no dirty dishes in the dishwasher. It’s no fun knowing there’s a whole box worth of items that you use daily and that it’s sitting unpacked in the dishwasher while the movers do their job; it should be cleaned even before they arrive. You also don’t want to accidentally forgot!

Empty the trash

In the morning, ensure to remove all garbage from your house and stash a trash bag in the no-pack zone to collect trash for the entire day. If you need to make the trash bag more accessible, you can write “TRASH—DO NOT PACK” on it.

Wash trash cans

The day before the movers come, prepare by cleaning out any trash cans. This will ensure no foul odors are in the shipment and help keep things clean.

Keep out baggies and a permanent marker

As movers disassemble beds and other stuffs, collect all associated hardware using baggies. Use markers to label each of these baggies. Place all your hardware in a plastic box and take it with you to your new home. If you don’t want to pack a bulky box of hardware because you’re flying, stash it in your “first night” box to allow you to locate it when needed.

Drain your lawn mower

Mow the lawn, that’s definitely the most productive way to drain the gasoline from the mower.

Ensure moving day safety Helping movers the best way possible can be done by providing a high level of safety in an unpredictable day when moving. Safety is a very important part of your move, so ensure you take it very seriously.

  • Children: Children should be put far away from the packing and moving action as objects can become dangerous in the process. Have a safe room for your kids to be looked after, and you can hire a babysitter for that day, enabling you to concentrate on the task at hand.

  • Pets: Your pets shouldn’t be running around on a moving day. You should also keep your animal friend in a room away from the moving action, or better yet, keep pets with a trusted neighbor until the job is all done and dusted.

What do you do when the movers knock on your door? Since you’re paying for a full-service move, you don’t necessarily need to do anything aside those stated above, while the packers and movers are getting your stuff into the van.

Lastly & Most Importantly - Relax! The tips as contained here is as a result of experience and observation over the years, and in no circumstance should it take precedence over information given to you by the moving company that you’re working with.

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