Truck & Muscle, At Your Fingertips - Anytime You Need It with Totable

Charlotte, NC May 20, 2018 - I couldn't be more excited to announce the release of the Totable online booking platform, which is now live. We set out improve the quality of life for everyday people by providing a simple and affordable solution to a wide variety of moving and delivery needs, and there's no doubt that we took the first step to accomplish that goal with this release.

Why are we so excited?

Moving or relocating, bulky store purchases, shifting furniture, or a Craigslist pickup are common events for busy professionals, and the need for efficient moving assistance can arise any time. Utilizing local movers is a hassle, as it requires web searches, paying unreasonable fees, and spending time in co-ordination. Today, people need an in-hand, upfront service, accessible in a few clicks. With Totable, moving or delivery assistance is available anytime you need it, an estimate is provided upfront, and booking can be done in seconds using a computer or smartphone.

What services does Totable provide?

Moving Help: Truck & muscle, anytime you need it.

  • Storage Move

  • Studio Move

  • 1 Bedroom Move

  • 2 Bedroom Move

  • 3 Bedroom Move

  • 4 Bedroom Move

  • 5 Bedroom Move

Delivery Help: Truck & delivery. Get bulky items from point A to B.

  • Micro Move

  • Store Delivery

  • Donation

  • Online Marketplace Delivery

  • Junk Removal

Muscle Only: No truck, but a bunch of muscle.

  • 1 Helper + 1 Hour

  • 1 Helper + 2 Hours

  • 1 Helper + 3 Hours

  • 2 Helpers + 1 Hour

  • 2 Helpers + 2 Hours

  • 2 Helpers + 3 Hours

Book now & save:

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While we are very excited to make this announcement, there's much more to come from Totable, as we continue to beta test additional functionality within iPhone and Android apps to provide status updates, real-time tracking, and better end-to-end functionality. With the additional functionality, Totable expects to create hundreds of jobs in the communities we serve.

A special thank you to those who have beta tested Totable products and to all who have followed us leading up to this awesome announcement. We look forward to many more exciting moments!



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