Where To Find the Best Deals On Used Household Goods

Are you in the market for household goods but bummed about the cost? The online marketplace is an excellent tool to find deals on used household goods, such as furniture, appliances, and electronics. That’s especially true if your moving, and your new home comes with more space to decorate than your old abode. The good news is that there are plenty of places to find deals on used household goods.

The starting point for many people has typically been Craigslist. On Craigslist, you can find just about anything, all at a price that’s very affordable. However, the downside to Craigslist is that there is no real way of knowing from whom you are buying. Unlike social media platforms, where there is an obvious way to check out a seller’s reputation or profile, Craigslist can sometimes seem like a free-for-all.

That’s why many people are now exploring Facebook Marketplace, which Facebook has cleverly positioned as a Craigslist alternative with the familiarity of the world’s largest social platform. The best part about Facebook Marketplace is that it is directly available from within the Facebook app, and it is easy to filter items by location, category or price. As soon as you see something that you like, you can send a direct message to the seller and make an offer. It’s then up to you to agree on payment and delivery terms.

But what if you are getting a little bit skeptical about Facebook and its data privacy safeguards? If that’s the case, then there are still plenty of other alternatives to find used household goods. For example, one favorite is Letgo, which bills itself as a way to “buy and sell quickly, safely and locally.” In many ways, the look and feel of Letgo resembles Pinterest, so it’s easy to scroll through photos to find items that might interest you. Instead of “pinning” an item, though, you simply tap the “I’m Interested” button, which then takes you to the product page.

A similar service is Trove Market, which is specifically geared to people looking for home furnishings and used furniture. Thus, if you are looking for appliances or other household goods, this might not be the best option. But if you are looking for the perfect piece of patio furniture, or a great new couch for the basement, Trove Market can be pure nirvana. It has an Etsy-meets-Pinterest vibe to it, which makes it fun to browse.

And, finally, one way to find the best deals on used household goods is OfferUp, which has been named “App of the Year” by a major tech blog. OfferUp bills itself as “the simplest way to buy and sell locally,” and it rarely disappoints. Plus, since OfferUp is a mobile-first experience, you can easily browse on your mobile phone whenever you happen to have some free time, like waiting in line at a store.

Of course, everyone has his or her favorite way to find used household goods at an amazing price. Bookoo, for example, has found a very unique way to combine the traditional garage sale with a digital interface. And Recycler is another favorite, with 18 million users.

When using any of the burgeoning number of apps and websites dedicated to used household goods, just remember that you are going to have more luck with them if you are moving to large metropolitan markets than smaller towns. You will find more users, more products for sale, and more competitive pricing. And sometimes you will find that true gem – like a bargain-priced piece of antique furniture.

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Happy Hunting!

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