How To Prepare For Success On Moving Day

Congratulations, you took the first step to saving time and your back by choosing Totable! But, you may be wondering - what's next to prepare for your upcoming move? This is the all-inclusive guide to help us prepare for a successful moving day.

This guide is broken down into three parts:

Section I - Guidelines For All Moves - This section includes important information about all services provided by Totable.

Section II - Additional Guidelines For Truck + Muscle Moves - In addition to Section 1, this section includes applicable information for Truck + Muscle services.

Section III - Additional Guidelines For Muscle Only Moves - In addition to Section 1, this section includes applicable information for labor only services.

Helpful Documents:

I. Guidelines For All Moves

  • Arrival Windows - Please be advised of the 3 hour arrival window for appointments scheduled between 12pm or later due to weather, delays, or other uncontrollable circumstances. Appointments scheduled between 8am-12pm are guaranteed. Your movers will call 30-60 minutes prior to arrival.

  • Crew maximums - Choosing the right crew size is an important piece to maximize efficiency and safety when moving. Totable uses the following maximums per crew size to provide the best balance of efficiency and safety:

  • 2 Movers - Up to 15 furniture pieces after any disassembly + 30 boxes

  • 3 Movers - Up to 20 furniture pieces after any disassembly + 40 boxes

  • 4 Movers - Up to 30 furniture pieces after any disassembly + 60 boxes​

  • Each article in a set is considered a furniture piece. For example, a bed consisting of a mattress, box spring, head board, foot board, two rails is considered 6 furniture pieces.

  • Reducing the number of movers could prolong your move and increase its cost or result in scheduling issues.

  • What happens if your items exceed the maximums? If unsure, we recommend booking an additional mover. Totable movers will make every attempt to move your items up to the established maximums per category. If your items exceed the established maximums for your selected crew size, you can schedule a future Tote to move additional items. To learn more about items considered “furniture pieces” or to contact us please visit our support page.

  • Are there items Totable cannot move? Yes, please visit our support page to view a list of items that Totable cannot move at this time.

  • What are travel miles? Some moves are subject to a travel charge, which covers the cost to get your movers to/from service locations outside of cities we serve. The travel fee covers the cost of driving from our office to the service location/s and from the final location back to our location.

  • How do you pay for your services? Billing starts when your movers arrive at your pickup location. For local moves, your fees will be calculated based on hourly charges plus any services you choose to add on, such as materials. Payment will be collected in one simple step via debit or credit card upon arrival to your final destination. Tips are optional, but appreciated and may be provided to your Helpers. Please do not pay your movers via cash, check, money order, or electronic transfers for Services.

  • How do you pack for your move?

  • ​By choosing Totable, you've chosen to save money by packing items yourself. The following items are provided by the customer and should be prepared and ready to move prior to moving day:

  • Appliances - Be sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations for preparing appliances for transport. Washing machines and refrigerators should be disconnected from the water supply and allowed to drain for 24 hours prior to your move. Additionally, front load washing machines usually require the shipping bolts to be put in place for transport to avoid damage to the load bin. All appliance connections should be unplugged and ready for transport prior to the appointment to avoid delays.

  • Mattress covers - Mattresses should be covered with mattress bags to protect from dirt and moisture. If not provided by the customer, Totable will provide mattress bags for an additional fee.

  • Boxes

  • Small - best for dishware, books and fragile items

  • Medium - best for miscellaneous items of medium weight

  • Large - best for pillows, blankets, and other light weight items

  • TV - TV's should be packed in the original box according to the manufacturers instructions. If not provided by the customer, Totable will pack TV's in protective padding for an additional fee.

  • All items should be packed, sealed, and ready to move prior to your appointment to avoid delays.

  • All items which have glass or are otherwise sensitive must be marked as “fragile” on the outside of the box.

  • Boxes should not be overfilled. Each box should not weigh more than 50 pounds.

II. Additional Guidelines For Truck + Muscle Services

  • Truck + Muscle services come with the muscle needed to load and unload your goods plus a truck and driver to transport them.

  • In addition to:

  • Furniture pads

  • Straps

  • Hand truck

  • Appliance truck

  • Dolly

  • Disassembly & assembly of beds

III. Additional Guidelines For Just Muscle Services

  • The Muscle only service is the perfect solution when you don't need a truck, but do need plenty of muscle. We'll provide help loading or unloading. You'll provide/drive the truck or storage container and furnish the moving equipment needed to carry out the job.

  • What tools/items are recommended to carry out your move?

  • Household tools such as screwdrivers, channel locks, etc. (if disassembly/assembly of beds or washer/dryer is needed)

  • Dolly (if moving bulky items or awkward furniture)

  • Appliance truck (if moving appliances)

  • Hand truck (if moving boxes and furniture)

  • Mattress bags (keeps your mattress safe during transport)

  • Packing materials (boxes, tape, newsprint – all sealed prior to move day)

  • Furniture pads and straps (use to protect all furniture pieces)

Following this guide will make moving day a breeze, but we're also available to answer any additional questions. For 24/7 answers to many more frequently asked questions visit our support page. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about your upcoming move. We look forward to handling your heavy work!

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