Guidelines for Moving to a New Home During COVID-19

Moving at any time is a hassle, but with Coronavirus, things are a bit more challenging. If you’re moving your home around the Raleigh area, here are some things to know.

Tips for Moving During COVID-19

  1. Our team will wear masks. Our home moving team will wear masks while working in and around your space. We ask that you do the same to keep our crews safe.

  2. Limit the number of people on hand. Moving day should be exciting, and often a lot of family members are around as we pack up or pick up your furniture and stuff. Of course, we’re happy you’re there to guide us with your belongings. But if possible, limit the number of people to one or two. We realize this isn’t always feasible; after all, your new home doesn’t have anything in it yet! But fewer people makes it easier to maintain distance. Plus, you’ll want to keep vulnerable family members and pets out of the way.

  3. Remain six feet apart. Speaking of distance, please do your best to remain about six feet away as we work. Movers are in and out of your doorway, and up and down the stairs, so we realize this can be challenging. But we appreciate you doing your best.

  4. Greet us with a smile, not a handshake. Previously, we’d greet you and shake your hand to say hello. We want to be friendly and enjoy this fun day with you. But handshakes are so last year. We’ll take a smile instead.

  5. Let us know if you are feeling sick or have come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19. Moving comes with deadlines, so you may worry that telling us you’re sick will cause problems. We appreciate your honesty, and we’ll work with you to coordinate a move date that fits your schedule and respects the health of you and our teams. Review our cancellation policy and other FAQs.

  6. Please be prepared for our team when they arrive. Preparation is critical for any move, but it will help even more now so we can reduce the time it takes to get you relocated. Organize your boxes or bins in a pile. Your washer and dryer should be disconnected (preferably 24 hours in advance, for draining). Check the area for any last-minute items you need to pack.

  7. Keep handwashing supplies ready. You probably packed up the bathroom, but please keep soap and a couple of hand towels around for both you and us — both at the starting location and the destination. Most moves take at least a few hours, and someone in your family or on our team will need to wash their hands or use the bathroom. We also appreciate hand sanitizer, though our crews also have some.

  8. Ask your apartment staff or condo HOA about any rules. If you are moving to or from a multi-unit building, check with any necessary people about moving rules. Such practices are probably in place even without a pandemic, but they may have changed. Please inform us of anything we should know.

While moving during such stressful times isn’t ideal, we hope to make your moving experience as seamless and painless as possible. Please contact us if you have questions about moving around the Triangle: or (919) 424-1498.

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