The Best Moving Checklist: 6 Tips to Plan Your Move

Moving is stressful, and we get it! You’ve already hired a team of movers to take care of the physical burden, but you shouldn’t stop there. Preparation for the move can be just as important as the move itself. Let’s go over the top six things you should be doing before or on moving day.

1. Finish packing.

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but don’t wait until the last minute. We’ve come across people who are still unloading their dishwashers as the movers arrive. The moving process might be delayed if you haven’t finished packing yet. Be sure you’re ready to go before your scheduled moving time. Need help with packing? We can help with that too.

2. Label boxes with intended destination.

Labeling your boxes/containers is a crucial step if you want your move to run smoothly and efficiently. Of course, our team of movers is willing to talk over anything with you, but it will be easier on everyone, including you if you label your boxes by room before moving day. That way, when your team is moving your items into your new home, they will know exactly where to stack them. If you need help with this part, our team is happy to help number your boxes if necessary.

3. Make sure the movers have access.

Every home is different. Some doors get stuck, have issues with locks, or lock behind themselves. Be sure your moving team will be able to access all of the needed rooms. If you have any tricky or stubborn doors, let your moving team know.

4. Let the movers know if something is fragile.

Our moving team is awesome, but they aren’t mind readers. Let them know if certain boxes contain fragile items like dishware, lamps, or other breakable items. That way, they will know to be extra careful with those particular items or boxes. Mark any boxes containing these items with “Fragile.”

5. Keep pets and kids entertained.

If you don’t have other plans for your kids or pets for moving day, you’ll want to prepare. Be sure your pets can be outside or in a specified room of the house, so they aren’t in the way of movers or have a risk of being injured. As you probably know, kids need a bit more attention. Make sure someone will be there to watch and entertain them, because your moving team may have questions or need you for input.

6. Double-check.

Our final tip is to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind. Some of the most common places people forget to check are the oven drawer, attic, and garage. Make sure that you have all of your belongings cleared out for your next destination!

If you are moving soon and need help, give the Totable team a call! We are here for all of your Triangle moving needs.

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